1) A maker of wooden bowls.

In 1337, William Turnour cut alder to make dishes [disci] in Sowerby, near Halifax Sowerby. The occupational term is first noted in the OED in 1894 but it has a much longer history: 1599 Thomas Haitfeild, Mylnehouses, par. Sheaffeild, dishturner

1657 I, Robert Lolly of Darley, dishturner ... to be buried at Hampsthwayte. Later, it was synonymous with dish-thrower since Miles Hardcastle of Rigton was described as a turner in 1629 and a dishthrower in 1649.

spellings dish-turner
dates 1337 1599 1629 1649 1657

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0