1) A bundle of hay, hemp, straw or the like, in some cases a specific quantity.

1477 all … mesures, that is to say, busshell … pek and half pek and bottells of hay, and at [that] the bottells kepe a sufficient weght accorddyng to the statuts in the Chaumbre, York

1528 that evere inholder … shall have in his hows redy mayd bottells of hey, York

1621 for stealing a bottle of hay, Thirsk

1726 noo bottles of whins be carried out of the land moore, Reighton. Used occasionally as a verb: 1686 going into his master’s barn to fodder his beastes found William Riddehough … bottelling up fifteen sheaves of oates, Clayton.

dates 1477 1528 1621 1686 1726

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2) A vessel with a narrow neck for holding liquids. Now usually of glass it was made of a variety of materials in earlier centuries.

1347 deus botels d’argent ove escuchons des armes

1550 a ledder bottell, Wakefield

1562 one bottill of wood 4d

one tyne bottell 12d, Richmond

1573 ij litill tyn bottels, Gilling

1668 a wood bottle, Selby. In 1381, Johannes Botelmaker was taxed in Beverley and in 1596 the Beverley Company of Carpinters, Joyners, etc. included Bottell Turners.

dates 1347 1381 1550 1562 1573 1596 1668

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0