1) As a noun this refers to a share or portion of land in the town fields, whether arable, meadow or pasture.

1315 the dolys of Kerlynghow, Batley

1428 in lez doles between Helme Cope and Robukhey, Meltham

1500 that all the tenants make the hedge … at their dooles … under pain of iiijd a dole, Dalton. The number of doles held by a tenant could be linked to obligations: 1572 every oxgange … to uphold of the corne mylndame at Honlay in Lengthe 3 yeardes Lakking 3 fynger breds And the doolys do begyn thus as foloweth …

1681 repaire the dole of Cawsey in the High Streete, Tong. Examples of ‘dole’ as a verb include: 1597 measured, dowled and staked out, Skerne

1656 a peece of ground as it is now dowled and sett out, Danby.

dates 1315 1500 1572 1597 1656 1681

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0