1) The long iron strap hinge on a door.

1379-80 Et in j doreband elongand. ibidem 1d, Ripon

1419-20 Et in iij par de dorbandes, Ripon

1490 De ij veteribus lez dore bandes ferri vjd, York

1526-7 Item for ij bandes for a doyr, iijd, York

1590 the blacksmithes shall from henceforthe make all ... great doerbandes and crokes, York

1698 pd for nails and bands and crookes as per note Ł3 10 11, Pickering.

dates 1379-1380 1419-1420 1490 1526-1527 1590 1698

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0