ease board

1) Board used in the construction of the house eaves. The spellings varied, and ‘ease board’ was in common use.

1399 serrantium tabulas quć vocantur Esborde, Ripon

1456 De 7s de precio viij petrarum plumbi operati, cclx hartlates, clavis et eseburdes, York

1519 pro vij.cx fote eseburdes, 2s, York and ‘easing board’ also occurred, as in the list of materials used in the repair of Francis Burght’s house: 1521 Item paid for a hesyng burde, iiijd, York. Note the contracted form ‘easings’: 1619 a deare bargane for walling Osburne ynge sheepcote about to the easings, Brandsby.

spellings easing board eaves board easings
dates 1399 1456 1519 1521 1619

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0