1) The OED has two early examples of ‘eling’, both in Yorkshire. They date from 1400 and 1525 and, since both refer to the aisle of a church, ‘eling’ may there be a form of ‘aisling’. In most later cases though an ‘eling’ was an aisle or extension in a domestic building.

1588 all the howse rowme being within the foure postes that the foresaid elinges is joined unto, Holbeck

1617 Nelson’s howse in Brafferton the east end within the poastes … besides the elings xij yeards longe and v yeards broade

1647 all that East end and parte of one messuage … doth containe One parlour called the Eelinge parlar adjoyninge to the same, Bowling. In this sense the word can be compared with ‘outshut’: 1649 with one Elinge or outshutt, Wooldale.

spellings eling
dates 1588 1617 1647

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0