1) A ‘felloe’ or ‘felly’ was one of the curved pieces of wood which made up the rim of a wheel.

1540 to a ploghe wright for … hewing felewes, Hampole

1545 ij gange of feloys, Ecclesfield. ‘Felf’ and ‘felk’ were variant spellings which occurred regularly in parts of Yorkshire from the sixteenth century: 1567 thre axell trees certayne felkes with other tymber, Fixby

1616 four felghes for a cogge whele, Almondbury

1642 Aboute the time wee beginne to cutte grasse … wee sende worde to the Wright to come and see that the axle-trees and felfes of the waines be sownde, Elmswell

1667 eight Axletrees … two paire of Naves, two gang of felkes, North Bierley

1751 felfs and speaks for husbandry, Branton Green.

spellings felk
dates 1540 1545 1567 1616 1642 1667 1751

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0