1) A building with a fire-place, usually a dwelling house but not always.

1474 sall uppe hald a fyre house and a crosse chaumber of vj posts, Rawmarsh

1509 ‘to build … a sufficient firehows upon the abbot and convent’s proper ground’, North Stainley

1538 certain lands with one fire house called a Akytchyn [sic] build thereon, Sowerby

1611 William Rookes shall have the house wherein the said George now dwelleth for his fier house, containing a kitchin and two other rooms westwards and the chamber over the same, Lofthouse

1654 my will is that my wife shall … remayne and dwell in my mansion fyrehouse and have one convenient roome therein … and have sufficient use of the fyre, Abbotside

1735 the farm in Ugthorpe … formerly called the New Erected Dwelling-house or Fire-house, Lythe. Lockton in the Forest of Pickering was at the heart of a dispute in 1586 because of a custom which had grown up around the possession of a fire-house: it was claimed that the foresters did of theire own aucthority use to gyve and allowe unto … the Inhabitauntes of the saide Towne, beinge the howse-holder of any fyerhouse there, to some of them one loade of fyer wood a peece, to some others two loades, etc, and in return the householders were expected to deliver to the saide … fosters for every fier howse an henne.

dates 1474 1509 1538 1586 1611 1654 1735

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0