five-man boat

1) This larger type of fishing vessel survived into the mid-nineteenth century in ports such as Filey and Staithes (PFY).

Historians of Yorkshire fishing craft comment on its use from the seventeenth century, and one writer has suggested that it developed from the medieval ‘cog’, although the earliest reference to the word in those accounts is in 1848 and it is not listed in the OED. There is some relevant evidence in old wills: 1505 to my wyffe and Alexander my sonne the halfe of my v mannys’ Koke, Scarborough

1540 to his sonne Gregorie I give my holl boit five man coble, Whitby

1541 to Thomas Loncaster one of my v men boittes, Whitby. Originally the crew may have consisted of just five men: 1522 and to v men that goys in my bote, Scarborough but in more recent times the five men were those who shared ownership of the boat and they were not necessarily members of the crew.

dates 1505 1522 1540 1541

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0