1) A container or flask for liquids. These could be made of different materials and they varied in size, from a drinking vessel to a tub.

1610 one wood flackett, one lether flackett, Kirkstall

1634 Item, 2 stands, a washing bowl, a flackett and a skeele, Elmswell

1655 in the larder one saltinge fatt two kneading troughs three flackitts three tubbs, Whitley. When John Appleyard of Dalton near Huddersfield reached old age he conveyed the property he owned to his son George and included clauses in the agreement which were designed to guarantee his own personal comfort and maintenance, including: 1591 weeklie six pence in ale or els thre times filling with ale of one flackett.

dates 1591 1610 1634 1655

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0