1) One of several alternative spellings of the word for turf, pared and cut for fuel.

1395 It. illis qui foderunt flaghts, ad potum iiijd, Whitby

1377-8 de vs pro flaghtes venditis, York

1609 no man grave no sod nor flaicht in the heigh ways, Barkisland

1635 gett no turves … hew any bedding, nor grave no flaghtes in Goathillslackes, Slaithwaite

1791 he promis’d me 1 cart of flaights, Slaithwaite. A Slaithwaite man who was interviewed in the 1970s said: A fleight was the first cutting from the moor and beneath it was the peat. People went on the moor and cut the fleights and peats and stacked them to dry. Later they were carted home and stacked in outhouses.

dates 1377-1378 1395 1609 1635 1791 1970-1980

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0