1) A pool or marshy spot.

The word occurs in very early minor place-names: 1220-8 una dimidia acra terre in Flasc, Great Ouseburn

n.d. Terra de feodo Abbatis [of Selby] in Northduffeld. In primis in Waterflaskes, computando unum selionem

1407 ‘three selions lay in Watirflasche’, North Duffield

1472-3 de uno clauso vocato Flask, North Stainley. Several such place-names survived and the spelling evidently interchanged with ‘flash’. Flask House in Hartwith is such an example: 1677 John Benson senior de Flashehowse, Hampsthwaite.

spellings flask flosh flush
dates 1220-1228 1407 1472-1473 1677

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0