1) A pool or marshy spot, possibly a regional or chronological variant of ‘flash’.

It occurs in an early by-name: 1314 William del Flosche, Cartworth. This family was almost certainly responsible for the place-name Flush House in the neighbouring hamlet of Austonley: 1467 Floshehous

1576 Flashehous

1699 Flushouse. A family named Hinchliffe held the tenancy throughout this period. The similarly named Huddersfield settlement of Flash House also has early spellings which illustrate the interchange between ‘flosh’ and ‘flash’: 1542 a mease called Floshe House in the tenure of John Broke

1630 James Brooke de Floshehowse

1665 Josua Brooke de Flashouse, Huddersfield. As a vocabulary item ‘flosh’ is recorded from the sixteenth century: 1595 That Phillip Slade scoure one ditch alonge by his ground and convey the water from Burtonfloshe into the brook, Dewsbury

1603 the flodgapp in the bancke floshe, Airton

1623 Edward Copley shall make his dike alonge his hedge … and let in the water forthe of the floshe upon the top of the hill, Hunsworth.

dates 1314 1467 1542 1576 1595 1603 1623 1630

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0