1) This may sometimes be just a level piece of ground.

1706 to lay out another Road in his own ground … which is all upon a Flatt, Gargrave

1755 this ridge is proposed to be fixed at the foot of a hill and there is a flat at the other end of the Bridge, Dobcross. More usually, and certainly in the early references, it refers to a division in the town fields: 1220-8 totam culturam meam apud Spitalflat, Manfield

1422 ‘up to the headland of the Flattes’, Ferrybridge

1550 a flat of wheat … vj lands of hauer, Kilvington

1556 it liethe in a flate by itself and lieth in no feld, Bulmer

1624 James Megson drove … mucke Coopes over my flat in the middle field, Elmswell. As a minor place-name element it is on record from the twelfth century. It is of Old Norse origin and has a limited distribution.

dates 1220-1228 1422 1550 1556 1624 1706 1755

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0