1) A premium or fine that was paid by a tenant when he entered into a holding. It had the same meaning as ‘gersum’.

1520 for 16s forgyft … on a closse in Royley called Witeflate, Lepton

1555 Ł3 in the name of a forgyft or garsome, Stainland. It was recoverable in certain circumstances: 1537-8 that yf the sayd Edward [Morton] or hys chyldren do nede unto the sayd measse then … Bryan to have recompense for his forgyft and then to go, Bradfield. The OED has references for 1703 under ‘gersum’ and then from 1744 but the word was in regular use in Yorkshire from the Tudor period: 1644 6d foregift, Batley

1841 fine or foregift, Meltham.

dates 1520 1537-1538 1555 1744

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0