1) A long seat without a back, a bench (OED).

The OED notes that in this sense the word formerly had a distinctive pronunciation and that may be implicit in the early spellings: 1490 quarells now late wer had … in especiall for knealynge of thare wyffes … at a fourem in the said Kirke, Kirkburton

1507 on cobbord wyth a boffit stoyll and a forom, York

1567 two buffett fowremes and fowre buffett stooles, Fixby

1612 Item one long table and one long furram, Eccleshill

1642 to have eyther a broad fourme whearon to sitte themselfes, Elmswell.

dates 1490 1507 1567 1612 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0