1) Metal is founded when it is melted and run into a mould.

The first reference evidence is in an undated York document, probably of 1398. It is written mostly in French and is effectively a list of the ordinances of the guild of founders

that is la artifice de foundourcraft: one item has to do with smeltyng de lourmetall. The occupational term is not uncommon in York: 1457-8 Johanni Johnson de Ebor, funder

1472 Rollandus Falowfeyld, foundour, York

1493 William Wynter, founderer, York and it occurs later in Sheffield: 1587 the foundere his wages, Wadsley furnace

1751 Thomas Houden founder, Sheffield.

spellings founderer
dates 1398 1457-1458 1472 1493 1587 1751

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0