friezland oats

1) Oats from Friesland which produced better yields than common oats (CA161n).

It was grown on upland farms in the eighteenth century: 1740 We began to shear off the White oats and the Friezland oats, New Mill

1785 in the Barn and field in the after and in 55 Hattocks of freezland Oats had 72 strokes of Oats, Ovenden

1829 10 stroke Poland ... 10 stroke Freesland, South Crosland. It is probably the source of the late minor place-name Friezland, previously unexplained, which occurs in Cumberworth, Saddleworth, Todmorden in Yorkshire and in other counties.

dates 1740 1785 1829

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0