1) A female sheep between the first and second shearing.

1520 to Annes Pullan, ij gimars, Thruscross

1554 10 gymmars worth 17s, Acomb

1561 a pricke horned gymmer, Bardsey

1639 Item 18 gimers, two Tups, Swinsty. The word was actually used in several compound forms: 1524 sex gymmers hoggys, Pannal

1556 Item I bequeath to my doughter Marye Crofte a gymmer hogge, and to euery one of her iiij children ... a gimmer lambe, Bardsey

1642 Ewes are such as have beene twice shorne or clipped

for from lambinge time ... till clippinge time ... they are called gimmer lambes

and from that time till clippinge time come againe, they are called gimmer hogges. Then after they are once shorn, they are called gimmer shearings, Elmswell.

dates 1520 1524 1554 1556 1561 1639 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0