1) A drainage trench or channel.

1440 ‘abutting on the Grypedyke on the south’, York

1458-9 pro factura vnius grype in pratis de qweldric, Wheldrake

1559 Item pd to Stewen Francys for a grepp makyng about the church, Sheriff Hutton

1578 to make open a gripe at the Loskehose as it was formerly, Acomb

1611 for making a ditch, hole or griphe in the Kinges highwaie, Helmsley

1653 with that part of the garth so far as the grip, Selby

1714 sewers, fences, ditches, bridges, styles and grips in the common fields, Scalm Park . Examples of the verb are later: 1614 to gripe their daile heads from the Stepinstones to the Comon peese, Acomb

1650 that every person do grip and let out the water into their severall closes, Tong

1714 the winter After was both soe dry that we had no accation to grip our plowing land, Scalm Park

1734 That every One Gripp their own Lands where need requires, Lund. It was responsible for a rare occupational term: 1617 John Hardgrave the gripper of grownds, Brandsby.

spellings grepp
dates 1440 1458-1459 1559 1578 1611 1614 1617 1650 1653 1714 1734

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0