1) To murmur or complain, linked with grouch and grudge.

1472 we desyer a remedy of owr buschers for sellynge of thar flech for we thynke that tha sell un to pepyll der [dear] fleche that the pore pepyll gruchis gretly, Selby

1477 where os a rumour and a grouchynge hath been hade emonge diuerse people of this sayd parichyn of Halyfax

c.1523 the Nonnes began to wax wanton ... the whiche was ... strately punished. For the whiche correction the said Nonnes groyged and murmured, Fountains Abbey. It was used occasionally as a noun: 1486 to the growge or displeasour of eny person, York.

dates 1472 1477 1486 1523

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0