1) A pivot, usually of iron, fixed on a beam or axle and on which a wheel might turn, a bell swing, or a door open.

1348 Et in tribus ligamentis et vno goioun emptis pro ij portis manerii, vijd, Dewsbury

1433 et ij gogions, et ij plates, 4s 10d, York

1573 For ij hoopes, ij gudyons, and ij plates, and a Cheyne to the bucket for the mason well, York

1604 Item payd for mending the bell frame and the gudgeon for the grait bell xxijd, Wragby

1754 mill gudgeons, axletrees, coggs, Beeston.

dates 1348 1433 1573 1604 1754

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0