1) To suspend an object, in this case to attach a gate in a way that allowed it to swing easily.

1482 a new box of silver gilted to hing the blissed Sacrament in, Halsham

1542 for a lampe to hynge befor the roide in Skipwith churche

1585 that Thomas Barber ... do make the fall gate and the two Mylne gates, also kepe the same better hanged than they nowe be, Dewsbury

1608 for not hinginge a yeat, Malham

1670 founde a forequarter of mutton hinging in a tree, Thurgoland

1726 ordered to hing or cause to be hunge up this order in some public place, Thirsk. The participle ‘hinging’ was common in minor place-names: 1317 hingandestane, Stockeld

1571 Hynganroyde, Hebden Bridge.

spellings hing hyng
dates 1317 1482 1542 1571 1585 1608 1670 1726

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0