1) A short sword, originally intended to hang from the belt.

1512 Item ij batell axis ... ij swords and a dager and a hynger iijs, York

1535 with his Wodknyf or hanger and dagger by his syde, Beverley

1698 with brown clothes and a hanger by his side tip’t with silver, West Riding. It could also refer to the loops on a belt from which the sword was hung, sometimes richly ornamented: 1612 the girdles and hangers to be of blacke leather, and not such girdles as are called Northerne belts, Scarborough

1616 furnashed with ... a sworde girdle & hyngers, Brandsby and more generally to hooks from which items could be hung, as in a kitchen: 1634 a shelf and the hingers, Elmswell.

spellings hinger
dates 1512 1535 1612 1616 1634 1698

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2) Of uncertain meaning but possibly a hanging board or shelf on which cheeses could be kept whilst they matured.

1564 a hangar to laye chesses on, price xijd, West Applegarth

1610 one cheesboord and two hangers, Kirkstall.

dates 1564 1610

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0