1) A material made from ‘hards’, that is the coarser parts of flax or hemp, separated during the heckling process.

1452 j paris linthiaminum de herden cloth, Beverley

1459 j par linthiaminum de hardencloith, Hull

1485 de panno vocato hardyn vj ulnae et di., Ripon. In the earliest references harden was used to make sheets but later it had a more varied use: 1523 to Agnes Smyth a hardyn Smoke and a peticoote, Altofts

1567 Item seven harden towels, Fixby

1674 the mutton ... putt in a harden poke within the chimney corner, Settle. Note: 1579 Item payd for spyninge a skore of harden garn iiijd, Stockeld.

dates 1452 1459 1485 1523 1567 1579 1674

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0