1) Occupational term for a dealer in hardware.

This occupational term is on record in different parts of the county from the fifteenth century, no doubt with different shades of meaning: 1442-3 Johannes Roodez, hardewareman, York

1459 Ralph Wilbram, hardewareman, Rotherham

1502 hardwarmen to bring theyr stuffe … into Petergate , York

1580 apprenticeship of one Symon to Katherin Stewte, in the facultye or trade of Ironmonger or Hardwareman, Beverley

1591 Henry Nailor, hardwareman, Halifax

1782 Richard Burdsall, hardwareman and bucklemaker, St Olave’s, York. In Sheffield, it was used particularly of the middlemen who collected wares from the cutlers and promoted their sale in markets over a much wider area. It could be an alternative to ‘chapman’: 1590 anye chapman or hardwareman, Sheffield. Other Sheffield examples include: 1549 John Nodder of Attercliffe … hardwarman

1586 John Longe, Darnall, par. Sheffeild, hardwareman

1655 John Lockwood of Sheffeld hardwareman. It survived as a late by-name or surname in York: 1478 per Willelmum Hardewareman.

dates 1442-1443 1459 1478 1502 1549 1580 1586 1590 1591 1655 1782

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0