1) In the open-field system this was a strip of uncultivated land at the end of the furrows, where the plough might conveniently turn.

1438 1 longhedland, 2 lands at le ellerhedes, Harrogate

1465 ‘a selion butting on Rowley broke ... juxta le hedland’, Lepton

1557 was mercyed in Bulmer Courte for plewing of a balk in Hardy Flat lienge at side of a hedland there

1629 Benson ... did enclose the flatt from towe laynes whearvnto it laie open, and ... having made a hedge he could not plowghe the landes quite thorowghe as was accustomed ... whearvpon he then made a heade land and ploughed over the endes of his owne landes and the ends of some of Sir Henry Slingesbies landes, Knaresborough.

dates 1438 1465 1557 1629

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0