herring house

1) These were buildings in coastal towns and riverside locations where herring catches were stored, possibly for transport or distribution, by the panniermen.

1332 ‘a messuage called Heryng Hous’, Ravenser Odd

1357 ‘so along the Millpond and Kirkdyke to the Herynghousegarth at Ousegate End’

1416-7 ‘the garden called Herynghousegarth’, Selby

1429 unum tenementum vocatum Herynghowse, in Helgateland, Scarborough

1540-7 j cot. voc. a Herynge House, Robin Hoods Bay.

dates 1332 1357 1416-1417 1429 1540-1547

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0