fish house

1) A storehouse for fish, possibly where business with the panniermen took place.

In 1292-4 the demesne lands of Meaux Abbey included Fyshuses, said to be in Ottringham, but now lost. Other examples include: 1353 ad littararias aque de Hull apud le Fischehowses

1539 lying at the ende of Whytby brige betwixt the see and the fysch howse. In 1544-5 no fewer than 74 timber trees were provided for the fishe house Clowe upon hull water bank in holderness. The Wawne field-name Fishers Close was linked by Smith with Fishus, that is 'fish house', recorded in 1292.

dates 1292-1294 1292 1353 1539 1544-1545

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0