1) A northern dialect word for stepping-stones, by means of which one ‘hips’ or ‘hops’ across a river.

a.1219 acram et dimidiam in Hoppandestanes, Beamsley

1609 the[y] do not mend the hoppengstones betwixt Stobyng and Mythom over Calder, Erringden

1657 the said stones and hippings soe sett and placed, with force and armes violently ... did break in sunder, digg upp ... and carry away, Calverley

1676 was drowned at Buckden Hippins, Arncliffe. Note the by-names: 1301 William Hipythesyke, Stokesley and in an undated fourteenth-century deed: ‘by the water of Crempel under le Stanes by the meadow of Robert Hypehouerhumber, Spofforth.

spellings hipping-stones hopping stones
dates 1219 1300-1399 1301 1609 1657 1676

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0