1) A common by-name, possible related to 'walkers' or fullers.

This occurred as a by-name over a long period in different parts of Yorkshire and it may of course have been hereditary. It probably originated as a nickname and if the examples in different parts of the county were not linked genealogically, their frequency may suggest that ‘hop short’ was once a common saying: 1234 William Hoppeshort, Haddlesey

1236-8 Adam Hoppescort, Barforth on Tees

1301 De Roberto Hopschort, Lazenby in Wilton

1379 Johannes Hopscort, Burn. A family of ‘walkers’ or fullers in York had the name and in their case the name was hereditary, recorded over several generations, e.g. 1383 Johannes Hoppeshort, walker

1412 Robertus Hopshort, fil. Johannis Hopshort, walker

1443 Domino Henrico Hobshort, York.

dates 1234 1236-1238 1301 1379 1383 1443

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0