1) A bee-hive.

These were important items in wills: 1556 I bequeathe one hive of bees to maister Dyneley, Little Preston

1562 I gyve hym the ... the profett of the hyves and bees that is at Hardwicke, saving that I will Harrye Rodwell and Agnes Hewet to have a stocke of the said bees, Fairburn. The hives could be in joint ownership: 1556 my doughter shall haue my half or parte of hyues which is mean at Nicholas Brookes, Heckmondwike

1558-9 I gyve to John Horsley, my father, one hyve ... to my mother in lawe one other hive, and one other hive to Isabell, my wyff, which hives stande at my fatheres ... And the rest of my hyves my wyf to haue the one half of theme and Abraham Horsley, John Horsley, and Vmfray Firth to haue the other half ... equally to be devyded emonge them, Halifax

1673 laid in payne that no person ... do take in or keep hives of bees belonging to other places into this Lordshipp for a private benefit, Honley.

dates 1556 1558-1559 1562 1673

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0