1) Used of metal products such as bowls and pots, contrasted with flat-ware, that is plates, dishes and the like.

A York ordinance of 1416, in French, referred to hollow-ware products as tout le overaigne qest appele holghware, and these were later said to include standard measures such as any potell potte, quarte, et pynte. In c.1430 the inventory of John Talkan of York listed j flattpece and j holghpece and in 1444 a Beverley merchant bequeathed j hollow bassyn to Helen Brompton. More recently it was a term applied to pots, jugs and kettles, and in south Yorkshire the trade in these products blossomed with the invention of Old Sheffield Plate.

places York Beverley
dates 1416 1430 1444

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0