1) Usually room or accommodation within a house or housebody, associated with access to a fire and lodging.

1621 I will that Jane Metcalffe shall have houseroome and fire … during her natural life, Abbotside

1639 Richard Scorer of Woodsett hath lived in … Kirke Auston for the space of one yeare and a halfe last past, where he hath married a wife and both of them able to adle theire livinges but is destitute of houseroome

1717 paid Peter Secker for house room, fire and convenience of his goods, West Riding. This meaning of ‘house-room’ appears to have come into prominence in Elizabeth’s reign, possibly as a result of the Poor Laws and it may have had an earlier, more literal meaning: 1588 all the house rowme being within the four postes that the elinges is joined unto, Holbeck.

dates 1588 1621 1639 1717

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0