1) A carpenter who built houses, one accustomed to working great timber.

Examples of the occupation date from 1549 and in Yorkshire they occur regularly from soon afterwards, many of them in Hull: 1557 Edward Robinson, housewright, Hull

1573 John Anderson, le housewrighte, Hull

1590 Rauphe Ellenor, house wright, Hull. Several West Riding examples have been noted in or near Emley and that may emphasise the importance of Emley Park as a source of timber: 1601 Briceus Archer nuper de Whitecrosse … housewright, Emley

1639 Thomas Slacke, houswright, Cumberworth. Less common is the term ‘house carpenter’: 1661 John Nuttey, house carpenter, Selby. The trade of Housewryght was listed in Beverley in 1578.

dates 1557 1573 1578 1590 1601 1639 1661

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0