1) A small vessel used along the east coast; a word of Dutch origin.

Early Yorkshire references link it with East Anglia: 1395 de j hoic de Northfolk, j chaldr, Whitby

1546 no brother may go aboard any hulk, hoye or other small ship, Hull

1599 in a hoy of Ipswich, Hull

1642 laid into Melchior Nick hoy seaven score quarters of corne, Bridlington. Later the craft is referred to in places along the inland navigation system: 1703-4 the small hoyes to pay three pence every time they come, Beverley. Vessels of burgesses and freemen of Beverley paid only 1d toll and other local users 2d so the inference is that the hoys were not local.

dates 1395 1546 1599 1642 1703-1704

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0