1) Originally a light, fast-sailing vessel, but later a large ship of burden (OED) often linked formerly to Danzig and the Low Countries.

1416 cum aliis bonis et marcandisis diversorum mercatorum civitatis Ebor’ in quadam navi vocata le Hulke de Selykey in Seland, York

1512 ‘agreed between the Aldermen and the masters of the hulks ... that they might have assigned to them ... good men to bringe in their ships called hulks into the port of Hull’

1525 I gif to William Heryson, the carver, at the next coming of the hulkes oute of Danske a c wayne scottes, Hull

1573 ‘Nicholas Gatenbye for bringing up a hulk not being a brother of the House’, Hull.

places York Hull
dates 1416 1512 1525 1573

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0