1) Found mostly in inventories, it could refer either to household furnishings or to miscellaneous items which did not require a separate valuation.

1481 de uno brake ... cum hustillamentis, York

1545 pottes pannes bedding and other hustilment of howsholde, Grinton

1556 all the huslement in my house as chaires, scoles [stools?], wod boilles, woddishes, cardes, wheles, Bramley

1588 dishes, bowles, stoles, chaires with other husselmente of house, Dalton

1600 Item, a cocke, five hennes, and huslement, Bingley. Later spellings reflect the association in the clerk's mind with household furnishings: 1614 other little necessary houselements Stockeld

1720 other small householdments, West Riding

1725 other odd householdments, Helmsley. The spelling could vary considerably: 1550 in hyrstyllmentt of howseholde, Grinton.

dates 1481 1545 1550 1556 1588 1600 1614 1720 1725

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0