1) Used of legal documents with angular incisions along the top edge. For reasons of security, a document which involved two parties originally had both copies written on one piece of parchment which was then cut zigzag across the middle so that the two distinct halves matched exactly: these were called indentures.

1502 I wyll that my said cosyn Robert Abbott ... schall make astates by dedes endendit, Swillington

1505 I will that the said George pay ... to the aforesaid Robert xxti marks enduring the revercion of such termes as the said George hath latly taken by wrytyng endented, of all my lands, Birstall

1519 to make ... a sure, sufficient and lawfull estate by deyde tripartite indentyd ... in and upon one mease with all the landes, Longwood. The term indentures remained in common use for the contract drawn up between an apprentice and his employer.

dates 1502 1505 1519

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0