1) The usual word in Yorkshire for meadow or water meadow.

1437 ‘one little Eynge called Caldwell Eyng’, Halifax

1491 all the ryght and tytill of ... vj oxgang of land and hyng in Glusburn

1521 Thai shall mawe all the einges of the saide John ... and so to continew every yere to [until] eynges be mawyn, Laverton

1576 ‘a parcel of meadow or ing ground in Plompton Ynges ... nigh the river of Cremple

1603 one close of meadow called Goodwell Inge ... one little inge on the south side the lane, Whitley

1706 the flood was at height at Wistow on Setterday at noon ... and I lost there and in the Common Ings 50 load of hay ... the next year I mean on low grounds & because the gras was soe Rotted Away it Caused Abundance of the Ings to be plowed which never was before, Scalm Park.

dates 1437 1491 1521 1576 1603 1706

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0