1) Alternative spellings of ‘gist (2)’, the aphetic form of agist.

c. 1540 dyverse persones ow for Jeste of ther cattell , Otley

1597 had two whyes somered in a pasture … kepte by Thomas Proctor … taking in jeast cattell for Mr Farrer , Fountains Fell

1622 no farmor ought to Jeaste in the forrest , Pickering

1658 for kyne jestes Ł1 6s , Selby

1728 went to Chevitt … to take jaist into those grounds … and attended there every day to take care of the cattle , Otley.

spellings jeast jest jist
dates 1540 1597 1622 1658 1728

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0