1) A craftsman who fastened pieces of wood together to form a framework, as in furniture-making and house-fittings.

1394 Thomas Junour, cardemaker, York. In York, the ordinances for junours date from c.1413 and among the craftsmen named were Andreu Joynour, Johan Grene and Thomas Wright, joynours, York. The second of these men was working later on York Minster library: 1419 Et Johanni Grene, joynor, pro joynacione tabularum pro libraria. Items made in this way include: 1542 A bedsted with a tryndle bed geoned within the same , Bretton Hall

1574 one yoned forme , Brough, Catterick

1656 a joynt stoole , Eshton. Note: 1562 a bofett stole of joyner worke , Richmond.

dates 1394 1413 1419 1542 1562 1574 1656

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0