1) A bent piece of iron, inserted to strengthen a joint (OED). The following much earlier references are in a sequence in which the jointers are used in pairs, for cupboards and windows, linked with hasps, staples, and bands.

1419 iij seris et j pari juncturarum ... 4s 8d , York

1519 Item paid for a payr of jontterres to a ambre in the Kyrk, ijd

1535 Item for hespys and stapylles and jontters to ys window, iiijd

1548 Item for two payre of juncters to his halle wyndoys , York. In 1595 John Petche was paid for two pair of Jointed irone bands for the north ille dowre of Howden Church.

places York Howden
dates 1419 1519 1535 1548 1595

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0