1) One of the pieces of timber on which the boards of a floor are laid.

1358 Item, pro gistez et soles xxs, York

1379-80 et in j ligno emp. de Johanne Goldesmyth pro j gyste pro le flore in clocher – 3d , Ripon

1415 De xij geists emptis de Agnete Gretland, York

1478-9 pro opera carpentr. 3d ... sarracione vij gystez 4d, Ripon

1523 Item for geystes to the same howse xviijd ... for v bordes vijd, York

1620 three jeestes of timber , Thirsk

1625 Item 26 scoor gysts and other coup timber, 12s 0d, Knaresborough

1682 lay on one flower [floor] the length of the whole building with summers and jysts ... seaven inches and three inches, Scriven

1737 gise, dormands and flooring, Bishop Monkton. The later spellings vary considerably and they may have been used in other timber constructions: 1621 Eighteen jeice, 15 firr boards, South Cave

1625 26 scoor gysts and other coup timber 12s, Knaresborough

1776 jice, spars, timber , Holmfirth.

spellings gist (1) jeest jyst yest
dates 1358 1379-1380 1415 1621 1625

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0