1) A faggot or bundle of twigs, gorse etc, bound with a withy and suitable for kindling.

1395 Item servientibus portant kyds apud Dunsley, Whitby

1423 Et de vij l. receptis pro octo m. de kyddes, York

1472 Et solverunt pro Kyddes et bakyng, xd, York

1548 I will that my suster Anne have halfe a thousand kiddes yerlie for her fier, Thorganby

1678 to sett fyre on about threescore kidds of whinns, Huby. Kids were also used by builders when mending jetties and river defences: 1543 the underwode … standeth by byrche alder and sallow felled and to be felled this yere, and made in kyddes towarde the mending of the bankes and stathes of the water of Owse, Selby. An earlier translated passage refers to the practice in 1464-5 in Hull so it may be the specific element in a number of minor place-names. In 1595, for example, ‘one close called Kidcarre’ was linked to fields called Hollings and Broom Close, Stockeld. A much earlier possibility is Kyderanes in an undated deed for Hovingham.

dates 1395 1423 1464-1465 1472 1543 1548 1595 1678

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0