1) Wood suitable for household fires.

On the Woodsome Hall estate in Farnley Tyas the head of the Kaye family made provision for their household fuel over an eighteen-year period, which was the length of the coppice cycle locally. In c.1570, John Kaye of Woodsome wrote in his commonplace book: How & where to have kyddwood for thy Howsse for ever. Fyrst the Cootbanke being well fencyd and kept for that purpose as yt is will serve the Howsse well viij years When the Carr is sold to be Colyd Reserve xij hundrithe kydds to the Howsse use by Bargayn as I doo which will serve the Howsse iij yeres But make them at the Best tyme for keeping In the Byrks next adjoining to the seale Royd wilbe one yeare kydwod for thy howsse if thow save it as I have done For the remaining six years he wrote kyd thy Brome in thy closis as thow shall plowe them, which completed the cycle.

places Woodsome
dates 1570

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0