kirk maister

1) A frequent regional term for churchwarden.

1429 Item to the kyrkmasters a nobill, Tickhill

1465 The kyrkmasters of the Trinete kyrk for a Garthen behind the mason loge yerly iiijd, Hull

1521 to the kirke maisters for my beriall vjs viijd, Pontefract. It remained in use into the nineteenth century but was already being replaced by churchwarden from the early Tudor period: 1498 the iiij church maisters of Sheffeld being church maisters and wardeyns of the parish church there

1529 to the use of the kirke wardens otherwyse callid the kirke maisters, Halifax

1775 A Church-warden is also called here a Kirkmaister, Halifax.

dates 1429 1465 1498 1521 1529

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0