ladder room

1) The prospective owner of a new house would be granted the right to place a ladder on ground adjoining the building so that he might maintain the property.

1665 ‘freedom to put one or more ladders on the said land for the repair of the house’, Alverthorpe

1790 liberty for … occupiers of the intended buildings … to place ladders in the close to repair the buildings , Holmfirth. This liberty was written into title deeds where it was usually referred to as ladder room: 1629 one ladder roume in the garden for the … needful repairing of the firehouse , Conistone

1832 subject nevertheless to a right … of Ladder room for the Owner or Occupier of the House adjoining , Kirkburton. The term has a much longer history as ‘stee room’, where stee is the dialect word for ladder.

dates 1629 1665 1790 1832

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0