1) To wrap or enfold.

1530 discreit women that wyndes and lappis my body in one sheit when that I am departed, Acklam

1612 1 pese of lynsay wousay & a great sort of cruels lapt in it, Brafferton

1642 Betwixt the two graininges of the rake shafte they tye a stringe which they can lappe aboute and make as longe and as shorte as they list, Elmswell

1647 I came in to lap a finger which I had cutt, Thurlstone

1662 which child she lapt in a cloth that night and going to milke the next morning shee cast it into a dike, Rotherham.

dates 1530 1612 1642 1647 1662

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0