1) The usual Yorkshire spelling of ‘lath’, the thin strip of wood on which roof slates or tiles were secured, or a base for plaster on walls and ceilings.

1299-1300 In clavis ad lates[lath nails]pro diversis domibus, Bolton Priory

1357 Item, C C centz lattes, ijs ixd, York

c.1534 Item for 4 bunshes lez Lattys, Bridlington

1642 Ashen barres … riven very thinne, allmost like unto Lattewoode, Elmswell. Specialist items were laths for roofs which were of stone or straw: 1396-7 Et in C lattis pro petr’. emp. 9d, Ripon

1408-9 de cc stanlat … pro emendacione stabuli, Ripon

1446 ccc sindulis vocatis strawelat, c dimidia sindulis vocatis stanelatts, Beverley. Note the use of the verb: c.1640 latted and limed the chambers in the old howse, Denby Grange.

spellings stone lath straw lath
dates 1299-1300 1357 1396-1397 1408-1409 1446 1534 1640 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0